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  • Celebrate Humanity Day

    Celebrate Humanity Day

    The Twenty-Seventh of Marcheshvan – a holiday for Noahides, on the date that Noach left the ark and received the Seven Mitzvot. Download “Humanity Day”, pdf ...

  • What Did He Lack?

    What Did He Lack?

    We read in the Haftorah this week, “And Adonijah Ben Haggith rose up and said, I will be king” [Kings I 1:5]. At first glance, Adonijah had all the proper credentials to take over the kingdom. He was the fifth son of David, after Avshalom...

  • My Slave

    My Slave

    There are two ways to serve G-d, either as a slave or as a son (Introduction to Shaar Hahakdamot, by Rabbi Chaim Vital, 1:3). The first one, labor as a slave, is a technical activity, which only requires the person to perform the specified duties. On...

  • Pesach for the Nations

    Pesach for the Nations

    On the face of it, the date of the holiday of Succot seems to be out of place. The Torah teaches us that the purpose of Succot is “so that your later generations will know that I caused The Children of Israel to dwell in succot when I took them...

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Celebrate Humanity Day

Celebrate Humanity Day

What Did He Lack?

What Did He Lack?

My Slave

My Slave


"From any man whose heart leads him to contribute shall you take My contribution" (Exodus 25, 2).


"Let everybody call out in the Name of God and worship Him in unison" (Zephaniah 3, 9).


"And God will be King over the whole world" (Zechariah 14, 9).

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